A Quick Way to Cool Down Baby’s Oatmeal

Posted on Sep 28 2011 - 6:39am by Christine
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If you like to cook oatmeal (or porridge) for your baby then you’ve probably been in the situation where your little one is ready to eat the oatmeal… but the oatmeal is too hot to be eaten!

We know from experience how it can feel as if it takes FOREVER for a hot breakfast to cool down when baby is hungry!

So we were delighted to receive this tip yesterday from Angela in Ipswich, UK and to share it with you today.

Angela told us

My little boy loves his morning porridge but doesn’t love waiting for it to be ready. So what I do is freeze some cubes of pureed fruit, then pop them into the hot porridge once it’s cooked. The cubes help cool the porridge down quickly, they make it taste better and they add more vitamins to his breakfast.

We LOVE this idea and thought that – when baby is older – you could even add frozen blueberries or frozen banana slices, which take even less effort to prepare than a puree and add some extra texture too!

The Mac and Cool Quick Cooling Dish

If the frozen cube idea doesn’t work for you, then there’s actually a baby food dish that’s been designed to solve this very problem!

You simply fill the Mac & Cool Quick Cooling Dish with water, freeze it, then put baby’s hot food in it! Within no time at all the food is ready to eat – just transfer it to a regular bowl, wash your cooling dish and place it back in the freezer.

We’ve used one of these for years and it’s very effective, saving our impatient little diners many tears at mealtimes!

If you’ve discovered an ingenious way of cooling baby’s food or know of any other handy tips to make feeding your baby a little easier, then please do leave a comment and share your brilliant idea!

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