Are Silver Spoons Better for Baby?

Posted on Apr 29 2008 - 3:47pm by Christine
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You’ve heard the expression ‘Born with a silver spoon in your mouth’ – but have you ever wondered how it originated?

It is used to describe a person born into wealth and privilege – but the expression actually has a far deeper meaning.

Back in the Middle Ages when The Plague was rife, the wealthy would encourage their children to suck on a silver spoon to ward off the disease. As a result, few of the wealthy perished – and silver cutlery became popular.

Indeed, silver has been used for its anti-bacterial properties throughout history. The Greeks and Romans would use silver containers to keep liquids fresh for longer. American pioneers would prevent the growth of algae and bacteria in their water supplies by dropping in silver coins – and silver milk pails were used by dairy farmers to prevent their milk from spoiling.

Scientists say that silver interrupts the ability of a bacteria’s cell to form the chemical bond it need to survive. As a result, the cell essentially ‘falls apart’ – fortunately, though, it does not have the same affect on human cells! (Read more about how silver kills germs and heals wounds).

With all the recent controversy over the use of toxic chemicals in the production of plastics, parents everywhere are looking for safe alternatives. So it may well be worth digging out that silver spoon and pacifier that your baby was given as a gift and finally putting them to use – not only are they safer, they may do your baby some good, too!

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