Avocado, Banana and Cottage Cheese Puree

Posted on Jun 23 2010 - 8:17am by Christine

We call the avocado ‘nature’s perfect baby food’… and with good reason!

Avocado – with its creamy, buttery texture – requires very little preparation and contains a considerable list of nutrients, including healthy fats, potassium, folate, fibre, vitamins, antioxidants, beta-carotene and iron!

And if all that weren’t enough, studies have shown that eating avocado can help your baby better absorb the nutrients from OTHER fruits and vegetables he eats along with it!

Today’s no-cook baby food recipe combines avocado with another nutritious infant treat… banana! And the entire dish is made even creamier with the addition of cottage cheese, which adds a nice dose of calcium too!

Avocado, banana and cottage cheese puree

This is a recipe that can be put together in just minutes, without compromising on either taste or nutrition – and it’s ideal for babies from 6 months of age (or earlier if your pediatrician has recommended introducing solids before 6 months of age).

To Make Avocado, Banana and Cottage Cheese Puree You Will Need…

1/4 ripe, pitted avocado
1/2 small, ripe banana
1 tbsp cottage cheese

Mash all the ingredients together – they are very soft and shouldn’t require pureeing, but if you want a very thin texture, then puree in a blender with a little milk.
Serve immediately.

Variation: You can also mash this mixture roughly (without the addition of any extra liquid) and use it as a sandwich filling or a dip to accompany toast fingers, lightly toasted bagel pieces etc.

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