Baby Food to Combat the Common Cold

Posted on May 9 2011 - 7:29am by Christine

Despite the fact that we’re moving toward summer in our corner of the world, colds are very much on our mind at the moment!

Three of our children have been affected by nasty colds recently, a fan of our Facebook page mentioned how her little one seemed to contract colds quite often, then we received a message from another mum whose baby’s nose was so stuffy he was refusing to eat.

Of course, there’s no cure for the common cold and you should always discuss your little one’s symptoms with your doctor if you are at all worried by them.

But today we thought we’d share with you a few pages from our site that you might find useful if YOUR baby is a little under the weather at the moment. Just click on each heading for more information.

Baby Congestion

It can be pretty miserable trying to eat when you’re all stuffed up – but did you know that certain foods are believed to aggravate congestion? Whilst we can’t guarantee that baby’s congestion will be entirely relieved, it’s well worth checking out this page to see which foods may make the problem worse… and to try our list of foods that may actually help.

Feeding a Baby With a Cold

It turns out that the old wives’ tale about chicken broth being good for a cold isn’t such an old wives’ tale after all. Properly made chicken broth has certain qualities that make it very beneficial if your baby has a cold – and it’s also very easy for him to consume, even from a bottle if necessary. On this page, we explain more about WHY it’s so good for him and tell you EXACTLY how to prepare it.

Vitamin C

Good old vitamin C – we all know that it plays a vital role in protecting the body against all sorts of ailments, including the common cold. Find out which foods are the best sources and how to cook them in order to preserve as much of this valuable vitamin as possible.


Many of us overlook the importance of zinc in fighting the common cold, but many doctors believe that this nutrient is one of THE most efficient weapons! Experts suggest that adequate quanttities of zinc may even shorten the duration of a cold. Check out this post on our bog that reveals the best souces of zinc for your baby.

Best Foods to Boost Baby’s Immune System

Prevention is always better than cure and a diet rich in just the right foods can be a very effective way of keeping colds at bay in the first place! Check out our list of immunity-boosting foods to help protect your baby.

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