Can My Baby Eat Bio Yogurt?

Posted on Jul 4 2016 - 6:35am by Christine
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So what exactly IS bio yogurt – and is it safe for your baby to eat?

To make yogurt, milk is heated and bacteria are added as it cools. The bacteria then convert the lactose in the milk to lactic acid, which makes the yogurt set.

Heat treatments then ensure that the final product does not contain any of these bacteria – but bio-yogurt does not receive this treatment, so the bacteria are present in the yogurt you eat. Bio-yogurts often contain additional cultures that are believed to be beneficial to health.

Can baby eat bio yogurt

Although the true benefits of bio-yogurts have yet to be fully proven, it is felt that they aid with digestion and reduce the presence of bad bacteria. They are particularly useful for replenishing the gut with good bacteria after a bout of diarrhea, for example.

The bacteria used in yogurts are generally the same as the ones naturally present in your baby’s gut, so (with your doctor’s consent) it is not harmful to give him full-fat bio-yogurts from 6 months of age UNLESS the label indicates otherwise. As a simple precaution, you can contact the manufacturer directly to ask about the suitability of their particular product for your baby.

Source: The Dairy Council – Production of Yogurt

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