How Can I Stop Avocado Turning Brown?

Posted on Aug 1 2017 - 8:51am by Christine
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Avocado is such a wonderful food for babies and SO easy to prepare – in fact, preparation consists of little more than mashing it to the desired consistency!

But, of course, few babies will eat a whole avocado in one go!

So, other than eating the other half yourself, what’s the best way of storing a cut avocado to prevent it from going brown?

How can I stop avocado turning brown?

Some people swear by leaving the pit in the half you’re not using. Unfortunately, we’ve found this doesn’t always work and the exposed flesh still seems to darken, although this can be minimized by placing the cut avocado in a food storage bag.

Another option is to add a little fresh lemon juice. Many parents are reluctant to use this method, as lemon juice is sometimes responsible for allergic reactions and may trigger a nappy/diaper rash in some babies. But the amount needed to preserve the fresh colour of the avocado is very tiny, so the possibility of causing a rash is slight. If your baby is AT LEAST 6 months of age and you wish to try this method, it is important to watch your baby carefully for any sign of a reaction.

Maybe the simplest way to stop your baby’s avocado going brown is to simply mash it, then freeze it! Pureed or mashed avocado actually freezes quite well and does not seem to lose its appetizing “green-ness”. And, of course, you can freeze little portions in your ice cube tray and simply pop them out as you need them.

Have YOU discovered a great way of storing cut avocado – or do you have any avocado recipes you’d like to share? Then please let us know or leave a comment.

In the meantime, you might like to take a look at our avocado baby food page for loads of useful tips and mouthwatering recipes!

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