Homemade Creamy Carrot Dip for Baby

Posted on Mar 16 2012 - 5:31am by Christine

Today’s recipe is for a simple and delicious carrot dip for your baby, which you can pair up with some nutritious veggie sticks for a healthy snack or lunch time treat.

Creamy carrot dip for baby

Our babies have all loved to dip. It can be very messy, of course, but they’ve all found it great fun and we’ve always liked to encourage our little ones to explore the texture of different foods.

For younger babies, try serving cooked veggies with the dip – they will be soft and easy for him to “gum” if he doesn’t have any teeth. Older babies and toddlers, already accomplished at biting and chewing, may be able to manage strips of uncooked vegetables. Alternatively, serve this dip with lightly toasted bread, pita bread, cheese strips (our son’s favourite!) or tofu fingers.

To Make Creamy Carrot Dip for Baby You Will Need…

around 4 oz (1/2 cup) sliced carrots (peeled if not organic)
small piece (1/4 clove) fresh garlic*
1 tbsp natural yogurt (Want to try your hand at making your own?)
pinch ground coriander

*Garlic is optional and you can omit it altogether if you are concerned that it may upset your baby’s tummy. But most babies love garlic and will enjoy the wonderful flavour it adds to this dip. Raw garlic can be a little on the spicy side, however, so a mellow alternative is to add roasted garlic instead – here’s how to make it.

Steam the carrots or simmer in a little boiling water until very tender.
Drain, rinse with cold water, then drain once more.
Place the carrots in a blender with the remaining ingredients and puree until nice and smooth.

And that’s all there is to it! This dip tastes better after it has been set aside (refrigerated) for around an hour.

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