How to Avoid Expired Baby Food

Posted on Jun 7 2016 - 6:55am by Christine

Sometimes you come across items in the news that make you very glad you prepare your own baby food – product recalls, for example, when jars of baby food are found to contain bone fragments or to be contaminated in some way.

How to avoid expired baby food

Another worrying situation is the sale of expired baby food products in stores – highlighted last month when Fox25 in Boston investigated a store found to be selling, amongst other things, jars of baby food as much as 8 months out of date.

If you do buy any commercial baby food products, this serves as a reminder to check the dates on these items very carefully.

To ensure that your homemade baby food is eaten before its “best buy” date, rotate your supply by bringing older food to the front of the refrigerator or freezer and storing newer food behind it.

It’s a good idea to label any food you make with both the date of preparation AND the ingredients. It can be difficult to tell pureed foods apart and – if your baby reacts to a particular food and you need to eliminate it from his diet – clear labeling will make it easy to remove meals containing the “bad” food from your supply.

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