What is Hull-Less Barley and Can My Baby Eat It?

Posted on May 25 2017 - 2:57pm by Christine
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Shelby, a recent visitor to our site, was inspired by our barley baby food recipes page and decided to buy some of these nutritious grains for her little one.

What is hull-less barleyOur article recommended ‘hulled’ barley – super nutritious and far better for your baby than the more common ‘pearled’ barley, which has most of its goodness stripped away during processing.

But when Shelby looked for ‘hulled’ barley in the store, she found ‘hull-less’ barley instead. She then contacted us to find out if this was equally suitable for making baby food.

The answer is YES. In fact, hull-less barley is a teeny bit MORE nutritious than hulled barley.

So what’s the difference between ‘hulled’ and ‘hull-less’?

When hull-less barley grows, it has a loose hull that usually drops off during harvesting.

With hulled barley (sometimes known as dehulled barley), the hull ‘sticks’ and has to be carefully removed during processing, whilst keeping the nutritious ‘bran’ of the grain intact. This means hull-less barley requires a little less processing than hulled, and is consequently a little more nutritious!

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