In the UK? Today’s the Day To Go Bananas!

Posted on Mar 6 2009 - 11:06am by Christine
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In a huge effort to support Fairtrade products, hundreds and thousands of people in the UK will be eating bananas in the 24 hours leading up to noon tomorrow… so why not get your little one involved in this worthy campaign by making him some yummy banana baby food today?

The special day is being organised by the Fairtrade Foundation, which helps double the pay of plantation workers by guaranteeing minimum prices for their bananas. A worthy cause indeed, when you consider that some plantation workers don’t even earn £1 per day.

Fairtrade branded bananas already account for a quarter of the bananas sold in the UK – but the Foundation aims to double this figure by 2012. Their executive director, Harriet Lamb, said

By choosing Fairtrade, consumers are ensuring producers are given the chance to receive a minimum price and Fairtrade premium, which in turn enables them to earn a decent living and support their families.

There will be events all over the UK today in support of this effort and you can do your bit, too! Just head to the store, buy a nice ripe bunch of Fairtrade bananas and check out our Banana Baby Food page. You’ll not only find some great recipe ideas for your little one, but you’ll also find out what makes the banana such an excellent food for your little one!

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