International Travel With Baby

Posted on May 8 2017 - 11:33am by Christine
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If you are taking a trip with your baby and you will cross international borders, then it’s important to take proper documentation along with you to avoid potential problems. Officials are extremely vigilant about the documentation for children crossing borders and it pays to be prepared – otherwise you could end up dealing with a very disappointing or traumatic situation.

International travel with baby

Please note that the following conditions apply in most situations, although individual exceptions may be allowed.

  • Your baby should have a valid passport and it is also a good idea to carry another supporting document, like a birth certificate or citizenship card.
  • If you will be travelling without your partner, then bring a notarized letter from your partner confirming that he/she is aware of and in agreement with your trip.
  • If you are separated or divorced, taking a letter from your ex-partner is still recommended, even if you have sole custody. It’s also worth bringing along copies of your separation, divorce and custody documentation.
  • If there are any ongoing custody battles concerning your child, then you should seek legal advice before leaving the country.
  • As strict as this may seem, it is advisable to bring along a certified copy of the death certificate if you are travelling alone because your partner is deceased.

These requirements certainly seem like a lot of red tape – but the anxieties of taking an international trip with your little one can be eased by making sure you’re prepared for ALL eventualities beforehand!

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