SO USEFUL! – The Lightweight, Portable Activity Station for Baby

Posted on Jan 24 2017 - 12:49pm by Christine
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Do you find an activity table or jumper invaluable for keeping your baby occupied in one place while you get things done?

If so, then you’ll know that sinking feeling when you’re planning a trip and know you’ll have to leave this precious piece of equipment behind!

But despair no more!

Kidco has come up with the ideal solution – the ultra-lightweight Kidco GoPod Portable Baby Activity Seat (Amazon).

This seat folds neatly into its own bag and weighs in at a mere 7lbs. It’s super-simple to unfold wherever needed and – despite being portable – it’s very secure and locks into position.

It doesn’t actually come with any toys – instead, it comes with 5 nylon hoops on to which you can attach your baby’s faves!

The Go-Pod is recommended for use from 4 months+ and has 4 different height positions, so it grows with your little one.

We love this seat because it’s not just ideal for travel (it fits easily in the trunk of your car), but it’s great for home use too. Traditional activity centers can be very bulky, so if your space is limited they’re not always practical. But the Go-Pod can be quickly erected anywhere and moved easily from room to room.

If your baby is anything like ours were, then he/she will love being upright! The Kidco Go-Pod Portable Activity Seat makes that possible… whilst giving YOU a free pair of hands and the chance to relax!

As one reviewer said,

(It’s)…the best thing you didn’t know you needed but will not want to be without!

Order the GoPod, Portable Baby Activity Station from Amazon

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