The Mat That Makes Mealtimes a Little Less Messy

Posted on May 18 2017 - 3:29pm by Christine

Mealtimes with baby are fun. They are also very messy!

One of the biggest problems is keeping baby’s bowl ON his highchair tray, the RIGHT WAY UP.

And even if you manage to accomplish that, it’s still very likely you will end up with the highchair tray (or your dining table) smeared with a large proportion of baby’s dinner!

That’s why we love the ezpz Mini Mat (and can’t help wishing we’d thought of it ourselves! 😉 )


ezpz Mini Mat (Amazon)

This product comprises a colourful mat – made from BPA-free food-grade silicone – that uses suction to stick firmly to any flat surface. Incorporated into the mat is a deep-sided divided dish – one which baby will not be able to launch across the room!

Its compact size means it fits most highchair tables. And if your highchair doesn’t have a table and your little one is pushed up to the family table at mealtimes, this mat really comes into its own and saves a lot of cleaning up. Once dinner time is over, you just remove it and pop it into the dishwasher.

It’s perfect for serving a variety of foods in one go, but presenting them in an attractive way – something that goes a long way towards encouraging baby to eat them!

We think it’s ideal for finger foods served with dips and a  ‘must have’ item for baby led weaning.

And if – like us – you have a tot who does NOT like different foods touching each other –  your little one will be happy that the dividers keep everything properly separated!

Tough and durable, this mat/dish combination is great for traveling too – the fact that it’s compact and flexible makes it easy to pop in your bag.

One warning – be careful once you’ve filled it with food! Being made of silicone, it’s – um- bendy! So don’t forget to support it when carrying it to the table.

| Do you wash your dishes by hand? : Then try our handy tip and use the suckers on the back of the mat to stick it to the splash back behind the taps to dry!

Click here to order the ezpz Mini Mat from Amazon

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