Should I Give Water to my Baby on Hot Days?

Posted on May 12 2008 - 9:02am by Christine
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The days are becoming warmer for many of us at this time of year… which brings us to a common concern for parents of younger babies.

Should baby be given water in addition to his milk when the weather is hot?

On the whole, experts agree that it is unnecessary – and possibly hazardous – to give water to babies younger than 6 months of age.

Formula and breast milk contain enough water to meet your baby’s needs (although, if breast feeding, it is important for Mum to stay sufficiently hydrated and to nurse frequently).

After 6 months of age, then most medical professionals agree that offering a little water to your baby is acceptable – though not essential (particularly in the case of breast fed babies). Nevertheless, this is the stage at which many parents begin to think about introducing a cup – and water makes a healthy (and non-staining!) liquid for practicing with!

Find out more about giving your baby water during his first year and discover which types of water you should definitely avoid!

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