The Easy Way to Get Nutrition Information On The Foods You Buy

Posted on Mar 7 2011 - 7:18am by Christine
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We have a great resource to tell you about today which is designed to help you make the most nutritious food choices for the entire family. (friendly link) is a non profit organization established to help consumers cut through the confusion surrounding the true nutritional value of a wide range of food ingredients and name brand food products. With its searchable database of 50,000 items, it is a true ‘one stop’ resource, where you can simply enter the name of any brand or product and receive in-depth information on that food, including…

  • a colour coded Food Facts ‘health score’
  • a full list of ingredients, with an explanation as to WHAT each ingredient really is
  • a breakdown of what’s good – and bad – about the item you’re researching
  • a ‘Nutrition Facts’ label
  • an indication of Weight Watchers points!

If you become a Food Facts member, even MORE benefits become available to you, including the ability to create a personal profile, entering your weight loss goals and designing a diet ideal for YOU!

Perhaps one of the most useful aspects of personalization for parents is the ability to specify in your child’s profile foods to which he may be allergic or sensitive. You will then receive food alerts if the items you’re researching contain those ingredients.

You can also enter specific ailments into a personal profile and the alert system will then tell you if the product you’re researching is known to negatively interact with that condition. Truly invaluable information!

We think this is a superb resource for individuals everywhere who are concerned about making the best possible food choices – so please do visit (friendly link) to find out more.

You can also join the Food Facts Facebook group here (friendly link) or learn more by watching the Health Score video…

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