The Secret to Storing Large Amounts of Stock

Posted on Jun 12 2009 - 10:09am by Christine
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Many of our baby food recipes call for homemade stock (or broth) as an ingredient.

We recommend making your own broth for three reasons…

  • Commercial stocks are too salty for baby (and for adults, too!)
  • Homemade stock tastes much better
  • It makes use of ingredients that may otherwise go to waste (such as meat bones)

But we know that life as Mum or Dad of a young baby is VERY busy – and that making your own stock for individual recipes may seem like a little too much work!

So the answer is to make a large quantity of stock all in one go, then freeze it for future use.  BUT – how many of us have enough freezer space to store large quantities of homemade broth? Probably not too many!

Our favourite stock-making tip, then, is to condense your stock for storage, then freeze it in ice cube trays, finally popping the frozen cubes into freezer safe bags. You’ll then have handy portions of stock to use as and when needed in your baby food recipes, that you simply need to thaw then reconstitute by mixing with water.

Condensing broth is really very easy – it simply involves cooking the broth for an extra few hours, uncovered. This causes much of the water to evaporate – leaving a thicker liquid with an intense flavour – and a greatly reduced volume!

Like to try your hand at whipping up a batch of homemade stock? Then check out our recipes…

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