The Tilty – a Great Alternative to a Traditional Sippy Cup

Posted on Oct 12 2012 - 7:35am by Christine
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Traditional sippy cups aren’t for everyone – so if you’re looking for an alternative way to encourage your baby to drink from a ‘real’ cup, then check out the TILTY.


With a regular sippy cup, your child often has to tip his head right back in order to drink. The Tilty’s unique design, however, holds the liquid inside at an angle so it flows very easily to the spout.

Another advantage over most sippy cups is that the Tilty is made up of only two very simple parts and does NOT include a valve, which can be very hard to keep clean. According to the American Dental Association, the absence of a valve is actually BETTER for your little one’s dental development, so that’s another plus!

Like pretty much every cup we’ve tried, the Tilty isn’t completely leak-proof. It does, however, make the transition to a ‘real’ cup a whole lot easier for baby (and subsequently a lot easier for you, too!)

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