Our Top Ten Baby Food Tips

Posted on Apr 15 2008 - 7:00am by Christine
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If you’re having any problems feeding your baby, then this list of our favourite baby food tips may provide the solutions!

  • Your baby won’t eat his veggies? Try stirring pureed vegetables into his favourite pasta sauce. He won’t even notice they’re there!
  • Don’t add salt to your baby’s food because his immature kidneys are unable to process more than he already receives from his breast milk or formula. Instead, consider seasoning your baby’s meals with aromatic herbs and spices.
  • If your baby’s iron levels need a boost, then use iron cookware to prepare his meals. Acidic foods (like tomatoes) actually ‘pull’ the iron from the pot and boost the dietary iron in baby’s dinner! (Read more about your baby’s iron requirements here)
  • If your baby has a cold and just doesn’t want to eat, find out how to make him a delicious broth that’s packed with nutrients.
  • If your baby will only eat one type of food, try mixing the food he likes with a little of the new food you’d like him to try. Gradually increase the amount of the new food and – with luck – he’ll soon be accepting it all by itself!
  • Encourage your baby to eat some of his meals cold – this can be useful if you’re out and about and have no way to heat up a meal!
  • Slippery finger foods can be a real problem for babies. Try coating them with wheat germ or crushed cereal to make them easier to pick up!
  • Going on a long trip with your tot? Keep him happy with a ‘Cheerio necklace’ (Cheerios threaded on to a long piece of string). A great way to occupy a baby who’s coping well with finger foods (under strict supervision, of course).
  • Is your freezer filled with baby food purees that your little one no longer needs? Use them as dips for breadsticks – or as a wholesome sauce for pasta!
  • Eat with your baby at mealtimes and keep the atmosphere happy and relaxed… even if he’s refusing to eat! Above all, make sure that the veggies you want him to eat are on your plate, too. There’s nothing like leading by example!

Top ten baby food tips

If you’ve discovered (or been given) any useful feeding tips for feeding your little one, then please share them here so other parents may benefit from your expertise!

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