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Posted on Mar 16 2011 - 6:36am by Christine
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Some years ago during a vacation in Spain, when our eldest son was a baby, we took him to a restaurant. On arriving at the restaurant, we found we’d left his baby bowl at the hotel. To make matters worse, the staff at the restaurant insisted on serving his meal in a gorgeous china bowl, cheerfully waving aside our fears that he might break it!

I held on to that bowl all the way through the meal, but let go for just a couple of seconds to pick up the spoon he’d dropped under the highchair.

And – you’ve guessed it – those few seconds were all it took for him to hurl that nice china bowl to the floor… the solid, tiled floor!

It smashed to smithereens and – although the staff were lovely about it and helped us clean up the horrible mess our little dinner companion had created – it remains one of those moments we clearly (and uncomfortably) recall from his baby days!

We think that someone at Boon must have been through a similar experience, inspiring them to bring out these cool new Protective Bowl Covers (advertisement), due for release in mid-April this year!

Boon describes its product as ‘body armor for dishes’, which sums up its purpose perfectly! The covers – which are free from PVC, BPA and phthalates – are adaptable enough to fit over most bowls and dishes. They also feature a suction cup, so your items are not just protected from damage, but are actually more likely to stay on the table in the first place!

Easier to carry around with you than baby’s actual bowl, the covers are ideal for use in restaurants or other environments where child-friendly dinnerware may not be available. But they’re also great for use at home and enables you to offer your baby meals and snacks in ceramic and glass bowls and dishes that would otherwise have been firmly off limits!

You can be among the first to get your hands on a brilliant Protective Bowl Cover (advertisement) by pre-ordering today from Babies 1st, who will ship it to you upon release in mid-April!

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