Undigested Food In Baby’s Stools

Posted on Aug 21 2017 - 11:02am by Christine

We received a message this week from Carla in the UK who had some concerns about whether or not her baby was properly digesting his food. She told us

When I’m changing his nappy there are sometimes little pieces of what he has eaten in his poo. And the colour seems to be different every day! Does this mean that he has a digestive problem? Should I take him to see the doctor?

This is actually a common concern, with many parents noticing changes in their babies’ stools once they start solid foods. So are these changes anything to worry about?

Changes in bowel movements are probably most noticeable to parents of breastfed babies, whose stools were previously smooth, yellow and relatively sweet smelling. Once solid foods are introduced, the stools tend to take on the colour and even the texture of the foods that were eaten – so lots of sweet potatoes may result in orange poo, for example!

Sometimes, foods that are more difficult for your baby to digest (such as pea hulls) or foods that an older baby may not have chewed very well will appear in his stools. This is common and no cause for concern, although we always recommending checking with your doctor to be sure.

Undigested food in baby's stools

But if your baby is also experiencing any of the following signs, he may be experiencing an allergic reaction or intolerance to a particular food:

  • mucus in the stools
  • loose stools
  • excess gas/wind

If you suspect a reaction to a particular food, make a note of any foods that your child has eaten and discuss your worries with his doctor.

Source: netdoctor.co.uk

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