Using Homemade Stocks and Broths In Baby Food

Posted on Aug 14 2017 - 9:11am by Christine

Some of the recipes on our site include stock or broth as an ingredient – and we always suggest you use the homemade variety!

But is using homemade broth or stock really necessary when using a stock cube or commercially prepared broth is so much quicker?

In our opinion, nothing beats the taste and benefits of a good, homemade stock!

You can use it as the basis of a range of recipes – soups in particular – or you can use stock to cook other foods for your baby.

Vegetables simmered in a beef broth may appeal to a baby who would otherwise refuse them… and plain rice is so much more interesting when cooked in a tasty vegetable stock rather than water.

Commercial stocks tend to be very salty, so they are not ideal for use in baby food – and their taste simply doesn’t compare to that of a stock you’ve made yourself.

Using homemade stocks and broths in baby food

Does making your own stock feel like one job too many?

It really doesn’t take long to make at all – the length of the preparation time is mainly influenced by the LONG cooking time. So, once you’ve thrown all the ingredients into the pot, you won’t need to do much else except enjoy the fruits of your labour!

And if you prepare plenty of stock in advance and freeze it, then you’ll have some available whenever your recipe calls for it as an ingredient.

We recommend storing your meat bones in the freezer throughout the month, which will enable you to cook up a big batch of stock in one go!

Homemade broth is also very nutritious – so why not take a look at some of the stock/broth recipes on our site and see how easy it is to make a batch for YOUR family’s meals.

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