Watery Yellow Liquid on Homemade Yogurt – What’s Wrong?

Posted on Aug 16 2008 - 2:37pm by Christine
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Occasionally we receive messages from visitors regarding the presence of a watery liquid, sometimes yellowish or greenish  in colour, that often appears on homemade yogurt. This usually occurs at the end of the fermentation time – before the yogurt is transferred to the fridge.

So does the appearance of this liquid mean that there is something wrong with the yogurt? 

Watery yellow liquid on homemade yogurt

Not at all – the liquid is actually whey, which has separated from the curds during fermentation. The discolouration is typical and does NOT mean  that your yogurt has turned mouldy!

And the remedy? 

Just give the mixture a brisk stir to incorporate the whey back into the yogurt, then refrigerate as usual. The taste won’t be affected at all and your homemade yogurt is perfectly safe to eat.

If you haven’t yet tried your hand at making your own yogurt… 

…then it really is much easier than you might think! It also has a delicious flavour that is SO much nicer than the store bought variety – plus YOU (of course) are in charge of just what goes into it!

You can find our homemade yogurt recipe here

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