When Baby Has A Cold…

Posted on Jun 14 2008 - 9:13am by Christine

When your little one has a cold, you often find yourself in one of those ‘catch 22′ situations – you want to ensure that your baby receives all the nutrients he needs to get rid of the cold as quickly as possible, yet he may well refuse to eat altogether! This is invariably because the typical symptoms of a cold – such as a stuffy nose and a sore throat – may make swallowing difficult or painful.

Keeping your baby properly hydrated is crucial and it’s important to offer him lots of fluids.

But did you know that there’s actually a wonderful way of giving him lots of useful vitamins and minerals in a soothing liquid form… and that’s by making him a nutrient-packed chicken broth.

Before you dismiss the idea as an old wives’ tale, it’s worth knowing that the idea of offering chicken broth to anyone who’s a little ‘under the weather’ actually has sound medical reasoning behind it.

Find out just WHY chicken broth can help get your baby on the road to recovery as speedily as possible – and how to prepare a nutritious chicken broth – in our page all about…

Feeding A Baby With A Cold

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