When Can My Baby Eat Tomatoes?

Posted on Sep 10 2010 - 6:50am by Christine

Tomato baby foodTomatoes are one of those foods about which you may received mixed messages in terms of whether or not they’re suitable for babies.

Some sources will tell you to avoid them for much of baby’s first year, yet you’ll also come across baby food recipes containing tomatoes and may even have seen jars of commercially made tomato-based baby food in the grocery store!

So WHY do some parents prefer to delay the introduction of tomatoes to their little ones?

When is it safe to give tomatoes a try?

What’s the best way to cook tomatoes for your baby?

We answer all these questions and more – plus give you some yummy recipe ideas…

here on our brand new Tomato Baby Food Recipes page!

We hope you enjoy it – and please do let us know if you have any tasty baby food recipes using tomatoes to share with our readers.

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