Your Ten Most Common Baby Food Concerns

Posted on Sep 18 2009 - 12:56pm by Christine

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from raising our family, it’s that no two children are ever the same and that you may as well toss the ‘rule book’ out the window!

This is particularly true when it comes to babies – and even more so when it comes to feeding them!

When you first set about introducing solids to your baby, your main source of information will probably be that given to you by your health provider. But you might find – as we did the first time around – that things don’t always go quite as smoothly as the books make you think they will!

What happens, for example, if your baby doesn’t seem to be eating enough… or he simply refuses to eat anything lumpy… or he loves fruit but won’t eat vegetables?

Well, help is here – we have LOTS of pages on our site designed to help you out if your baby is a little foodie rebel!

Based on our own experiences as parents (and, with five children, we’ve come across every situation listed below!) – plus the experiences of other parents, we hope these articles will help you resolve any problems you might be encountering when feeding your baby… or at least help you realize you’re not alone!

1. Is my baby eating enough – or too much?

It’s not always easy to tell how much you should be feeding your baby. Yet – in general – one of the best ways to decide just how much to offer is to learn to read your baby’s signals. Read more…

How much should my baby be eating?

2. My baby refuses the spoon

Does your baby close his mouth every time the spoon approaches – and refuse to open it in spite of your encouraging  airplane noises? Here’s our advice..

My baby won’t eat from a spoon

3. My baby doesn’t like vegetables

If your little one will eat sweet foods (like bananas) all day long, but has an aversion to veggies, here are some tips that might help…

My baby won’t eat vegetables!

4. My baby gags, or spits out the lumps in his food

If you’re finding that introducing texture to your baby is proving a bit of a bumpy ride, then you’re not alone… it’s one of the difficulties we’re most commonly asked about! But there ARE techniques you can use to make the transition a little easier…

Baby feeding problems – dealing with gagging and introducing lumpy food

5. Help – my baby makes such a mess with his food!

Unfortunately,the words ‘baby food’ and ‘mess’ go hand in hand! If your little one’s messy mealtimes are driving you to distraction, read our tips for …

Coping with a messy eater

6. My baby is constipated after starting solids

This is another VERY common problem, sometimes caused by starting solids a little too early and sometimes caused by offering rice cereal as a first food (see our previous post and this page about baby’s first foods for more information about baby rice). Learn how to ease baby’s discomfort…

Baby constipation

7. My baby has diaper rash – why?

A diaper rash (or nappy rash) may sometimes be triggered by food – and there are certain foods that are more likely to cause a sore bottom than others. Find out the most common culprits – and what you can do to help your baby…

Diaper rash and baby food

8. Solid foods are making my baby’s reflux worse

Infant reflux is very distressing for baby – and for Mum and Dad, too. It can be quite scary to introduce solids to a baby with reflux, so we have some tips you might find useful and some suggestions for foods to avoid…

Introducing solid foods to a baby with reflux

9. Could solid food be affecting my baby’s eczema?

In some cases, an allergy to a particular type of food may cause – or worsen the symptoms of – eczema. Some parents find that cutting out certain foods can really help make a difference. Learn more…

Eczema and baby food

10. My baby has a cold and won’t eat

The times when your baby has a cold and could really use some extra nutrients to boost his immune system are often the times when he’ll simply refuse to eat! Here’s a recipe we use when our little ones are under the weather…

Feeding a baby with a cold

And we also have some tips for helpful and unhelpful foods when your baby is particularly sniffly…

Baby congestion

You can contact us here if you are experiencing any problems and can’t find an answer on our site – we’ll be happy to help!

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